Ben Survant

Bodywork LMBT# 11992

I find I can do deeper, more effective work by moving slowly, at the pace of the body.

I especially enjoy energetically sensitive work, working with injuries/physical traumas. Bodywork has helped me to heal from the varied physical traumas I have experienced, and connect back into a more pain free, healthy version of myself. I am honored to get to share that with others.   

Ben began his massage practice in 2011 after spending several years working in the mental health field. He studied with Corey and Robin at the Center for Massage and Natural Health in Asheville and has continued to extensively pursue an education in Esalen massage through Robin. Ben credits Esalen massage to offering him the connection, context and support he needed to move through a vast array of trauma in his life and settle into a more relaxed whole version of himself, something that he is grateful to share with his clients.