Lisa Lemley

Bodywork LMBT#

Receiving bodywork and massage inspires me to evolve my work as a practitioner. It brings about a mind body spirit connection that allows for more space in one's being which translates to an individual reaching toward their highest potential.

I recognize even the slightest touch with loving or healing intention can be a powerful tool for transformation. I utilize stretching and joint rotation techniques to reach deeper into areas of discomfort blending the intoxicating flowing strokes of the Esalen style telling the body to fire neurotransmitters and chemicals in the body for deep healing and relaxation. After a session with me you are likely to feel more centered, clear and loving toward yourself. 

Lisa became a certified Esalen Massage Practitioner in 2006 at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. While living and training at Esalen she focused on shamanic healing and incorporates this into her sessions. Lisa is also Reiki Master and has studied energy medicine and medical chi gong at Healix Institute.