"Get thee to Still Point Wellness!”

"Get thee to Still Point Wellness!”

I went today for my second-ever float experience... it was just as remarkably relaxing and enjoyable as the first time, if not better. The staff are warm and welcoming, the place is beautiful and serene, and the experience of absolute stillness while floating is truly delightful. I remember feeling very nervous before my first time, but you needn't be... they will take very good care of you and help you understand how to go on this journey in a way that feels safe and healing.

SO worth taking the time to do this.

“An Amazing Experience!!”

“An Amazing Experience!!”

The facility is beautiful and they have created a very calm and relaxing environment. Also, the staff are all very warm and friendly. I do not get massages often and this was my first time having an Esalen Massage. This was, however, definitely the best massage I have ever had. My massage therapist, Ben, was wonderful and really helped me relax and enjoy the experience. I will definitely be back the next time I am in Asheville.

What a wonderful experience!

Recently a friend and I were in Asheville for the weekend. Upon arriving to Still Point Wellness we were warmly greeted by staff and a serene environment. One of the first things I noticed were all of the books related to the healing arts. I started to realize this is more than just your run of the mill spa. Quite the contrary it is a safe, warm, spiritual environment. I had an Esalen massage for the first time. I didn't really know what to expect. I have had massages before, but this is on a whole other level. They incorporated breathing, long flowing strokes, pressure points. Ben my therapist was amazing! He was very in tune to my breathing and connected. I went for relaxation, but came away not only relaxed but invigorated. It was very healing for the body and soul. I will make a point to visit Asheville again and this wonderful spa. I hope to try some of their other treatments as well. Thank you Ben and all the staff. It was a great weekend!

“Best Massage Ever! Esalen is the way to go.”

I have had many massages over the years, yet nothing like the Esalen style. I typically like the deep tissue massage, with the idea of no pain no gain. I was curious and skeptical reading the description of the Esalen technique on the website. Wow, was I surprised and pleased. The method of long strokes running up and down each side of the body together as all parts are connected (versus back, shoulders, neck, then legs, feet, etc.) was fantastic! The pressure was very effective and penetrating, and I did not even elect the deep tissue version of Esalen as the spa offers. Plus, I believe I actually felt the "energy" of the masseuse. Lisa was amazing! I told Lisa, "You may have ruined every other massage I will ever receive." As I return home to Charlotte, I will be asking at every spa, does any therapist know Esalen?

"Most Relaxing Massage in my Life"

I get massages regularly and have for 20 years. This Esalen massage was something else. Reading the description of "Swedish strokes", I wasn't interested, preferring deep tissue work. A friend urged me to try it, saying that she felt the same, but (drum roll), IT WAS THE BEST MASSAGE SHE'D EVER HAD. I began to unwind as soon as I walked into the place. Dim lighting, the sound of running water, quiet. Please get the 90 minute massage. You'll be glad you did. After your massage, you are invited to stay for awhile, gazing at the lighted aquarium or resting in a quiet meditation room. in addition to massage, they have a flotation tank, which I may try, after hearing about its benefits. You can bet I'm making this massage a regular part of my trips to Asheville!

"How I Beat Chronic Disease in 6 Months"

After my first visit I knew I was on to something and after my fifth visit I literally threw my cane down on the ground, jumped up and click my heels. Yes, I wasn't in Kansas anymore. With spa owner Corey by my side helping me come up with a plan of action and healing I added yoga to my list of other Eastern healing arts as I continued taking tai chi for arthritis patients and the results were soon beyond my wildest expectations. Not only did my chronic lymphedema disappear, something I was told I would have to live with the rest of my life, but I was soon walking without my cane and feeling a 60% reduction in body pain attributed to RSD. In addition, as I reinforced my subconscious mind with positive suggestions I lost 40 pounds, started sleeping better every night and basically taking my healthy body back from Western medicine's life sentence of pain and escaping from a quality-of-life that could only be classified as dismal. My life transformation is not complete but my journey will continue thanks to the devoted and caring staff of Still Point Wellness who literally gave me back my life.

"Suspended in the Womb of the Universe"

"I immediately felt cradled. It was powerful to feel my body rise to the surface with no effort at all. Being held with such gentleness was for me a spiritual experience. I could not help but think I was connected to this darkness around me and within me and the light I knew that was beyond the tank. It helped me to transition with my challenges, face my fears, release those things that had entangled me and helped me to embrace the unknown, along with pure love and acceptance of where I am now. I was ready for this!

The water temperature matched my body temperature, so after I rested into it; I felt neither hot nor cold. The medium that filled the space between my body and the water rushed over me like a wave starting at my feet and over my head. My mind shut the door where I could no longer tell that time or space exist. At that moment, It was just me to face whatever was ahead of me. I felt I wasn't alone. I spoke aloud what I wanted for my life, what I wanted to let go of. My voice reverberated in the darkness as I spoke these truths. I listened to my heart beat until I became one with it. Right now, I feel at peace. Everyone has a different experience in the salt water float tank. This is definitely one of those "must do" things in life. I hope you enjoy it too."