"Blown Away"

Having never float before, I was blown away by just how relaxing the experience really is. The staff is great and do a great job of making you feel comfortable & at ease with the experience. 10/10! 


BEST MASSAGE EVER. My best friend and I met in Asheville for a girl’s day away. We have both been under a great deal of stress for various reasons and decided we wanted to get a massage on our trip. We chose Still Point after reading about the Esalen massage technique they use and were also curious to see the salt water chamber in case we wanted to try it sometime. Terrie was my therapist and she was incredible. She was so in tune with what I needed and I didn’t need to tell her (I like silent massages anyway and had indicated that on my check in form). She knew exactly what I needed and I could tell she was trying her best to help me, not just going through the motions like some other massages I’ve had in the past. I left feeling deeply relaxed and satisfied. The Esalen technique was so unique to what I’ve experienced before and I highly recommend it. If I didn’t live two hours away I’d be back to see Terrie monthly at a minimum!

"I have found my "happy place" for healing Esalen Massage."

Corey is professional and great at what he does. He follows up to make sure I am satisfied with the bodywork he performs. The center is immaculate, calming, and staffed with caring people. I have found my "happy place" for healing Esalen massage and I couldn't be happier!

"Extraordinary Experience"

The float was an extraordinary experience. I had no idea something like this was available. My daughter, who enjoys the salt floats in Houston, gave me a gift certificate for the float, saying that I really needed to try it out. She was right! Andrew greeted me and showed me around and explained the process. I was a little apprehensive but he put me right at ease. Once I settled into the water, it was truly amazing. I felt like I didn't even have a physical body. It was so peaceful and soothing. The center itself was beautiful and peaceful. The aquarium that I sat and observed after the float was the most beautiful one I have ever seen. Thanks, Andrew, for making my first visit so pleasant. I will be back!

"Amazing first experience!!!"

Our first time to Still Point Wellness, however, my husband and I have been to Esalen and had massages. I had Ben and my husband had Emily. WE would have to say, one of the best massages WE have had since Esalen, thank you. This will be a place that we will return to and highly recommend!!

"A head to toe experience like no other."

I had the 75 minute Esq Massage with Lisa and she was absolutely wonderful. A head to toe experience like no other. She was gentle and even got the knots out when needed but it did not hurt. She put some smelly stuff on a towel underneath your nose when you had your head laying back and it was like heavenly. She helped you breath too. Also, I had the 90 Minute Salt Floatation which was totally different than anything I have experienced. You go into the Salt Floatation and with all the salt your body actually does float. You float on your back. There is only 17 inches of water and with my big body I thought I would sink but no you float. After I got out my skin was so smooth. The only advice I would give is use the ear plugs that the provide so you don't get salt in your ears. My niece got salt in her ears and it was like it crusted up. Her ears hurt but we used equal solutions of Peroxide and White Vinegar. They do provide a sponge head rest so you don't lay your head completely under in the water. I sit up a little with my legs crossed and put the water on my face and then as the water dried; I rubbed my face as if it was a sponge and when I rinsed it after the shower my face was so soft. You take a shower before you get into the Salt Tank and afterwards. It is actually in a large bathroom with shower and bathroom accessories. They provide Q-tips, towels, and lotion for afterwards. They say you can either wear a bathing suit or go in the nude. There is no lights at all in the Tank; but he said if I wanted to leave the door cracked I could and I did so there was a little bit of light. At least I could see. In between each session you can sit and watch the Salt Water Fish Tank and relax. Andrew got us some Tea and water. You will be given a robe to start out with and you wear it the entire time. The people there were amazing. They make you feel at home when you come in. My Niece had a Massage with Emily and she said she was great too. Will go back on my next trip.

"Very therapeutic and truly a wonderful experience."

The mind/body exploration package was very therapeutic and truly a wonderful experience. The massage with Ben brought up some areas of stored emotions I hadn't realized were there. And the float in sensory depravation really allowed the massage experience to deepen and opened my inner communication in a very real and clear way. I booked again for the next month before I left! 

"Amazing experience for all"

This was a truly wonderful experience for our family time together during the holidays. We were a party of 5- grandmother mother and three daughters ages 30-22-each of us with varying massage experience (my youngest a massage therapist in training to my 83 year old mother who has had only one massage in her life). We loved the esalen massages we received from Emily, Terry and Lisa. Tanya the receptionist was also very thorough and her orientation to the salt floats were so helpful to making the experience anxiety free for those not sure of what the float entailed. Thank you to all for such a lovely day. We will definitely be back. Namaste!