Floating Benefits


Supported and held by a half TON of Epsom salts, you’ll effortlessly connect with your body’s natural deep relaxation response. Skin temperature water and fresh oxygen makes our state-of-the-art float chamber an ideal environment to safely explore the connection between your mind and body. People who float regularly report a deeper understanding and the ability to transform stressful patterns, habits and beliefs into new strategies for success and happiness. Current university research shows that floatation strengthens the immune system by countering the fight or flight reaction in the body, triggers the parasympathetic (relaxation) response.

During floatation

  • breathing slows

  • heart rate slows

  • blood pressure decreases

  • muscle tension decreases

  • growing sense of ease in body, calmness in mind

  • pain relief from increased endorphins

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Floating is a personal experience and everyone has different sensations and experiences. If you are ready for an inner journey or simply need a little quiet time, Salt Water Floatation is for you.