Esalen® Massage Benefits

The goal of Esalen massage is to focus on the person as a whole, harmonizing body, mind and spirit. Physical contact is an important necessity for the body, as fundamental as nutrition and water. Therapeutic touch contributes to greater health and well-being. Key benefits of massage include: 

  • Relaxation  and Stress Reduction– The long flowing strokes in an Esalen massage coax your nervous system into a deep state of relaxation which allows the muscles to let go, the breath to deepen and the mind to get quiet.
  • Awareness – Once the mind gently shifts from thinking to being in the present moment we are able to focus attention on areas in the body where you may be holding tension.
  • Pain Relief - In your massage we will address any areas of concern using a variety of techniques to increase circulation, range of motion, flexibility and reduce pain.
  • Peace of Mind – Your increased bodymind awareness through an Esalen massage can transform daily tension holding patterns.