Frequently Asked Questions


Can I visit the spa without having a treatment? 

You are welcome to visit us any day Monday – Sunday from 10am-8pm and we will do our best to give you a personalized tour.


Does the spa serve food and beverages?

We do not serve food, however we do offer water and specialty tea from Herbiary for our guests.


Is there a cancellation fee if I am unable to make my scheduled appointment?

All appointments require a 48-hour cancellation notice to avoid full cost.


Is there an age requirement?

Guests 18 or younger must have a signed parental consent


What are Still Point Wellness’ hours of operation?                

We are open everyday

Monday - Saturday 8 AM - MIDNIGHT
Sunday  8 AM - 10 PM


Why should I check in 15 minutes before my appointment time?

Arriving late for your appointment may result in a shortened service. Upon arrival to Still Point, you will be asked to complete a brief health form to assist us in providing you the best experience possible and to assure your safety and comfort. We encourage you to disclose any pertinent health conditions that may affect your experience.


Should I leave a gratuity?

We believe that a gratuity should be based on your experience and do not automatically charge one to your bill. It is customary to offer a 10%-20% gratuity for personalized services such as massage and cranial sacral therapy. Offering a gratuity for floatation is entirely up to you and your experience.


Spa etiquette

Help us keep The Spa a sanctuary of tranquility and relaxation. Please respect the quiet and privacy of other Spa guests by refraining from using all electronic equipment, including cell phones while at the Spa. We ask that you speak softly and enjoy the silence.


Floatation FAQ's

What is floatation?

Floatation therapy is the act of floating on your back in 13 inches of a warm saltwater solution, in a lightproof and soundproof chamber. Free from external stimulation and gravity, your body and mind quickly reach a state of relaxation and meditation. Many people float to relieve pain, experience deep rest, to meditate, or to find creative inspiration.


Do I need to prepare myself for floating?

We suggest avoiding caffeine and alcohol for a day before you float. You will probably be more comfortable if you can postpone shaving. Shaving 2-3 hours before using the tank may sting for a short time. If you wear contact lenses you may want to remove them as it might be a problem if salt water gets into your eyes.

We supply you with everything that you need including organic shampoo, conditioner, soap, ear plugs and towels for the shower before and after your float.


What type of float chamber does Still Point Wellness have?

We offer spacious 6’wide x 8’long x 7’tall float chambers, custom designed by Float Labs to the highest standards. Our float chamber is the most state-of-the-art of its kind.


How many float tanks do you have?

We have one floatation chamber at Still Point Wellness.


Can two people float together?

Our space is designed for one person to experience the float at a time. However, if you are coming with another person you are more than welcome to relax by the fishtank or in our library. Many clients choose to receive a massage while the other is floating and then vice versa. This is our Mind/Body Exploration Package and it's perfect for couples!


Why do you recommend 90 min for my first float?

Drawing from the wealth of knowledge of our Float Specialists and listening to the experiences of our clients it has become clear that 90 minute floats for your first few floats ensures the best possible experience. For those first floats it can take as long as 45 minutes to “drop” in and allow the tank to bring you to states of deep relaxation, leaving only 15 minutes to enjoy and reap the physical and psychological benefits. As you continue to float and learn from the sense deprived environment you will find that what previously took 45 minutes to reach a deeply relaxed state now only takes a few minutes. Consistently, the comment of those who float for an hour their first time is: “Wow, that was amazing! I wish I went for  an hour and a half.”


Is there anyone who should not float?

We don’t recommend floating for epileptics not medically controlled, for people intoxicated with drugs or alcohol or for those with infectious diseases or contagious skin conditions. Do not float if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Do not float if you are injured or have open or bleeding wounds. Do not float if you suffer from incontinence, nausea or epilepsy and are not on medication and have been medically advised not to float. Do not float if you under the age of 18 without prior written parental consent.


How sanitary is floatation therapy?

Floating is extremely sanitary. Our state-of-the-art filtration system goes well above and beyond what is required by the NC state health department. The water is filtered using an ozonator, UV light, 2 industrial sized pool filters and trace of chlorine (1ppm). Ozonators act as a powerful sanitizer that destroys all of the bacteria and viruses present in the salt water solution. The Epsom salt (1500 lbs dissolved!) has its own natural bacterial killing qualities. Lastly, clients are asked to shower before and after each float session to ensure the cleanliness of the tank. We have never heard of people becoming sick from others by using the tank. NSF (leading certification agency) completed a soon to be published research study on our filtration system and found that after running the filters for 10 minutes the solution was completely sterile.


What do I wear?

Although you may wear a bathing suit, most people prefer to not wear anything at all for your float. The entire experience is in complete privacy and you will have a private shower and bathroom.


What if I cannot swim?

The floatation chamber is filled with 13 inches of water and has such a high-density of Epsom salt that any individual, big or small, will float like a cork atop the water.


Can anyone float?

Yes, Floating can be done by nearly anyone from stressed-out managers, overworked moms, athletes, and those individuals just wanting to escape from everyday life and experience a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. We do however highly recommend that if you suffer from any serious medical conditions that you consult with your primary care physician prior to floating.


Will I feel claustrophobic?

Some people have fears before they float the first time. Common fears are based upon the thought that you won’t be in control of your experience. We’ve found that once people realize they have complete control of the floating environment, any fears and anxieties go away. Your float session is in a spacious chamber, not in the commonly used “float tank”.


Do pregnant women float?

Yes, floating is especially beneficial for pregnant women.      


If you have a question that was not addressed on this page, please email us at and we will be happy to help!