We look forward to welcoming you!


Your Arrival

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to ensure your session begins on time. A later arrival may result in a shortened session.


If you are Booking a Massage:

We encourage you to read through our massage therapist bios to see who feels like the best fit for your personal massage needs (please note: not all therapists are available at all times). During booking, you will have an opportunity to request a specific person or a preferred gender.


If you are booking a FLoat:

We recommend:

  • Avoiding caffeine for a few hours before your float.

  • Floating without a bathing suit, removing contacts, and letting your hair down - the feeling of no separation between you, the air and the salt water helps deepen the experience.

  • Using earplugs - we'll supply you with earplugs and a towel and beeswax to cover superficial cuts/scrapes.

Do NOT float if:

  • you have a deep cut/scratch/wound/eczema that is open

  • you have a respiratory infection or if you are contagiously sick

  • you have incontinence

  • you have dyed your hair in the past three days or if you plan to dye it in the next three days.

*we do not offer a refund if you choose to end your float early


Spa Etiquette

Help us keep the spa a sanctuary of tranquility and relaxation. Please respect the quiet and privacy of other guests by refraining from using all electronic equipment, including cell phones, while at the spa. We ask that you speak softly and enjoy the silence.


cancellation policy

We require 48 hours notice to change or cancel a reservation and to avoid full treatment cost.