Somatic Psychology

When we connect to our body's wisdom, we gain access to new possibilities. 

Somatic psychology is a gentle and effective way to read the signs and messages that the body is delivering through symptoms.  We store memory in the mind and the body.  Gaining access to the wisdom of the body can offer you deep insight to subconscious beliefs and corresponding patterns of tension and stress that are literally "locked" or "hardwired" into your body's nervous system.  A direct experience of these body holding and tension patterns can be the "key" to unlock the hidden meaning behind the body's symptoms. A session feels like facilitated meditation, with gentle guidance to open certain "doorways of experience".  Each session is an elegant opportunity to grow "resiliency" and capacity for the nervous system and increase your body as a "container" to hold emotions as they arise.   Any traumatic experience (whether small or big, past or present, chronic or acute) can negatively impact quality of life and shape the body's response systems.  Somatic psychology can help resolve trauma and open the body and mind to new possibilities of flow, ease and grace.