Esalen® Massage

From Big Sur, ca to Asheville, nc


Created at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, Esalen Massage was designed to give the client a sense of deep relaxation and integration of body, mind, and spirit.  Each massage is customized to meet your personal needs in the moment. 

When receiving an Esalen Massage you can expect to receive long flowing strokes that travel from the top of your body all the way down, and back up again.  The pressure will vary as your body relaxes and opens to the touch, but will always be full handed and very contactful.  The practitioner moves slowly, listening to your bodies response to the touch.   Once your muscles begin to warm up and relax, the practitioner will begin to use techniques to move into those deeper muscles of the body, and help to bring your awareness to tension and holding patterns.  A variety of techniques may be used from rocking, passive joint movement, stretching, deep tissue, accupressure, cranialsacral therapy, or energy work.  The intention of the massage practitioner is to continue to invite and coax the body into a deeper state of relaxation, more breath, and more awareness.

You can learn more about the Esalen Institute and Esalen Massage on their website: