"Kind and gentle staff"

I came from out of town (where there is no float therapy). It was my first experience, and they made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I received reassuring instructions, and loved my float. I first became aware of my tension spots (shoulders and neck). These gradually melted away. Then I felt my neck elongate. Then I blinked out. I would call it a body "reset". 36 hours later - my usual irritability and anxiety is gone and muscles haven't gone back to learned patterns. I'm now thinking of reasons to go back to Asheville!

"Relax and Rejuvenate at Still Point Wellness"

My husband and I visited Still Point Wellness to get rejuvenated. I wanted to experience the Floatation. Floating in 1500 lbs of Epsom salt is fantastic! Very unique and took just a bit of time to get acclimated to being in a totally dark room floating in the salt water. Initially I had the door slightly ajar and then closed it all the way. TOTAL BLACKNESS! With ear plugs in and my head resting on a small head float, I totally relaxed and dozed off. The float tank is 8'x8'x8' with a foot of salt water - you do move around while floating. The funny part is when the staff knocked on the door to let me know my time was up, I had to feel along the wall to find the door. Luckily the non-door walls are "rough" so finding the door means finding the smooth wall. My husband did the massage and was very pleased with this too. We also spent an hour in The Relaxation Room. We each had a detoxifying sweat in the Far Infrared Sauna and a warm, stress-relieving session on the Migun massage bed. The balls roll along the entire length of your body (on your back) and you can control the level of intensity that fits for you. The day bed gave a respite to let our bodies. We left totally relaxed and spent the rest of the afternoon taking advantage of our Zen feeling.

"Stillpoint Wellness offered a peak life experience!"

I consider myself a massage expert, and Corey and Emily provided us with some of the best massages we've had anywhere in the world! The Esalen massage is quite unique and integrated many techniques we hadn't had before. The ambience is very peaceful and conducive to relaxation.
When in Asheville, treat yourself!