"Blown Away"

Having never float before, I was blown away by just how relaxing the experience really is. The staff is great and do a great job of making you feel comfortable & at ease with the experience. 10/10! 

"Extraordinary Experience"

The float was an extraordinary experience. I had no idea something like this was available. My daughter, who enjoys the salt floats in Houston, gave me a gift certificate for the float, saying that I really needed to try it out. She was right! Andrew greeted me and showed me around and explained the process. I was a little apprehensive but he put me right at ease. Once I settled into the water, it was truly amazing. I felt like I didn't even have a physical body. It was so peaceful and soothing. The center itself was beautiful and peaceful. The aquarium that I sat and observed after the float was the most beautiful one I have ever seen. Thanks, Andrew, for making my first visit so pleasant. I will be back!

"Very relaxing and rewarding"

When one enters the facility, one realizes that this is THE facility for a truly relaxing experience. The ambiance and staff set one at ease immediately. Our massages and flotatation experience were wonderful!! Thank you for being there for us. We'll certainly book appointments again when we return to Asheville.

"Incredible experience "

I have been wanting to try floating for a long time and I'm glad that I did. The staff are warm and inviting. They walk you through the process and help to ease any apprehension you may have. This experience was truly incredible for me and I plan on making this a regular occurrence.

"Peaceful, Weightless Relaxation"

"The float chamber was one of the deepest and most therapeutic relaxation experiences I have had in any form of wellness care. The release of tension from all aspects of the body, the slow and steady relaxation of the mind, and then ultimately a tranquil & peaceful weightless meditation were all part of the experience. I recommend to anyone who lives an active lifestyle, is seeking methods for deeper relaxation and calmness, is interested in inner spiritual exploration, or is simply hoping to detox and rest in a deeply restful environment." - Ehren Cruz, Musical Director ~ LEAF

"One Visit Felt Like a Vacation!"

"I received a gift certificate for 1.5hr salt water floatation therapy and it was very easily one of the best gifts I have received! I found my self floating in a completely relaxed state and when I was done I felt energized like I had slept for a week! The staff were excellent! They make you feel like you are in your living room on a secret island! After the float you are invited to hang out in the library or enjoy the lounge area around the fish tank and are offered tea and water! You never made to feel rushed in any way! One visit felt like a vacation!!!" -Zin Vitro

Sacred, Serene and Magical

"What an amazing experience! My Esalen massage with Ben was incredibly nurturing and relaxing. Ashley who works at the front desk was so kind and attentive. The float was so magical and healing. This is a slice of heaven. I felt so rejuvenated after my time here. I love sitting on the sofa and watch the beautiful fish tank while integrating my experience. Thank you so much for creating such a loving and healing place." - Jovinna C., Berkshire, MA