Best Things to do in Asheville, NC after a Massage

Ranked number 12 out of 2,000 cities in the US to live by, Asheville, North Carolina is a small yet diverse city packed with amazing activities for locals and tourists. There are so many things to choose from during your time in Asheville and we often get asked our opinion on where to go after a relaxing day at the spa.

Here are our insider tips on how enhance your time in Asheville including our favorite places to eat, explore and relax.

Get Outside

One of our favorite places to go after receiving a massage is a free, local secret that you can enjoy without even leaving downtown: UNCA Botanical Gardens. It’s a wonderful place to picnic, take a stroll, or sit by or in the large creek. There are river rocks throughout the creek to walk across or lay on. The beautiful gardens span ten acres and is home to over 700 species of plants native to the Asheville area.

Asheville is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, surrounded by indescribable natural beauty. Check out for a comprehensive list of waterfall and hiking destinations, clearly described with directions. 


If you prefer to stay close to town, simply take a stroll around downtown Asheville. You can enjoy scenic views of our mountains from various streets, or go to the Sky Bar for a breathtaking panorama. As you walk downtown, you'll get a feel for the vibe of our our city.  All walks of life are present, with an extra flair of individuality and creativity in the air! You're sure to see many talented street performers who'll create a dynamic soundtrack for your experience.

Nourish Yourself

After a massage, nourishing your body with organic and raw food or juices is a wonderful complement. Just two blocks away are friends of Still Point Wellness, Jenni and Zack, creators of Elements Real Food. If someone is hungry and wants a taste of Asheville, we always send them there. Beautifully unique and satisfying options will not disappoint your eyes or your taste buds. The customers are friendly too, you may end up making some friends! The photo is of the owners, with renowned health expert, David Wolfe.

Photo Credit: Elements Real Food

Photo Credit: Elements Real Food

New to our neighborhood is the acupuncture and tea bar, Alchemy. If you are interested in Chinese medicine or just want to enjoy it, grab a cup of tea or meal here. Located in a cozy house, you could walk there after your massage to continue the experience of being treated by local healing artists.

Another tea house, Dobra, has three locations: downtown, Black Mountain and West Asheville. If you are ready to spread your wings and sightsee, you may stop in one of these on your journey. Venturing to West Asheville can be a fun change of pace. All locations offer intuitive readings with various healers, including Tarot cards, Astrology, or Shamanic practitioners. It is a true Asheville experience to sip authentic, worldly tea amongst locals and have an intuitive reading.

Photo Credit: Dobra Tea Asheville, NC

Photo Credit: Dobra Tea Asheville, NC


Continue your Relaxation

We’d have to say, the best thing to do after a massage is to float! After you are super relaxed from a massage, floating offers a gentle way to rest and integrate your experience.  Our most popular package at Still Point Wellness is the Mind Body Exploration package: a four hour mini retreat consisting of a 90 minute float and a 75 minute Esalen Massage, back to back! If you haven't floated before, check out our top tips for your first float experience



Like-minded and locally owned business, the Asheville Salt Cave is located downtown. Their salt lamps decorate our spa and we are so thankful that they do! Visit them after your massage and relax in a serene environment of soft pink glowing light immersed in negatively charged ions.

Will you be here over the weekend? If so be sure to check out Didgeridoo Sound Healing Meditation with the owners of Still Point Wellness, Corey and Robin Costanzo, every Friday from 4-5:15 at Asheville Community Yoga. This is a donation based class and open to everyone. As an added bonus, after attending 10 classes, you automatically earn $45 in Still Point Wellness spa credit to use any way you’d like!

Here's a free hour long recording of one of the classes for you to enjoy anytime! 



We hope these recommendations offer you some ideas of what to do after your massage for a truly blissful Asheville experience

Is there something we missed? Let us know in the comments!