“Best Massage Ever! Esalen is the way to go.”

I have had many massages over the years, yet nothing like the Esalen style. I typically like the deep tissue massage, with the idea of no pain no gain. I was curious and skeptical reading the description of the Esalen technique on the website. Wow, was I surprised and pleased. The method of long strokes running up and down each side of the body together as all parts are connected (versus back, shoulders, neck, then legs, feet, etc.) was fantastic! The pressure was very effective and penetrating, and I did not even elect the deep tissue version of Esalen as the spa offers. Plus, I believe I actually felt the "energy" of the masseuse. Lisa was amazing! I told Lisa, "You may have ruined every other massage I will ever receive." As I return home to Charlotte, I will be asking at every spa, does any therapist know Esalen?